Like every year, the mimosa makes its reappearance!

This morning, I popped in to see our lovely florist Angélique whom we are so lucky to have in Kuttolsheim and couldn’t resist getting some for us.  Indeed, with its small golden pompoms and its subtle, recognizable scent often exploit for its essences, it brings a little sunshine into the predominant greyness of Janaury.

After a busy and enjoyable holiday season, where we made, despite COVID, some beautiful new encounters, it is admittedly a little difficult for us to get used to the quiet and the inactivity of our guest rooms, so this flower is doubly good for the morale.. However, no worries, we are using this time to tidy up and renovate any equipment or parts of the rooms where it is necessary.

Please accept this bouquet of mimosa, a flower that symbolizes magnificence, tenderness and delivers a message of friendship, reminding us of our principles when doing business as hosts, as a token of our gratitude and with our best wishes for a sunny, happy and healthy new year.